Wholegrain Vegan Waffles - simple and oil free

Hola guys, it's me again with another ... breakfast recipe! 

I'm happy you found your way here and I really you try this recipe out since it's the bomb, seriously. 

I just recently started making waffles and my first attempts to get them nice and crispy seemed to fail in many ways. They weren't fluffy or crispy or anything good. But after experimenting a bit with different ingredients and measures, I can finally present you my first vegan high carb low fat and super simple waffle recipe to knock you out of your socks. Ready?

Vegan Breakfast Bowl and A Little Talk About Minimalism

Hey you lovely people,

recently and thanks to my good friend Laura I've been reading a lot about minimalism and how decluttering, prioritizing and taking a step out of consumerism may - and will - affect your life positively. Over the last few months, I realized how happy I become when I just throw stuff I don't need away, for good. I became more aware of the fact that having less stuff will make you more organized instantly. You don't even have to worry about tidying up if there's nothing to tidy up. It just feels so good looking at a white wall, a white sheet, an organized desk, a clean surface. But if it was that easy, why is not everybody living a minimalist life? I thought about the issues I had and came up with my top two reasons why people choose to live in a cluttered space with endless piles of unused stuff.