Healthy Vegan White Chocolate Overnight Oats

When I first started to make my own breakfast I was having overnight oatmeal every single day for about 6 months, no joke. Back then I made it with cows milk and curd cheese which is not how I'd recreate it today. I actually made chocolate oats every day but last night when I prepped it, I felt like making these white chocolate oats with just cocoa nibs instead. And that was a winning decision.

Raw Vegan Spiced Walnut Cookies

Hey peeps it's me again!

So lately I've been into healthy eating and working out again. Over the last few months I kinda let that slip a bit and I noticed a decrease in my energy, bad skin, loosing muscle and so on. So I decided to hop back on track and start early with my new years resolutions this time. No more heaps of hummus (but still more than I should eat, probably), tons of white bread, vegan chocolate, candy and so on. But that doesn't mean I can't have great Christmas cookies, right?

May I present you the easiest Christmas cookies ever? These take literally 15 minutes. And with just 4 basic ingredients for the base you might even have everything on hand to make them right now. You should. Really.

Oh and I've got a new marble cutting board that will be my new fave back drop!

Now into the recipe...

The Perfect Veggie Protein Bowl

Sometimes it's hard to go to uni, have a job, volunteer, workout, have friends and a relationship all at the same time and try to find time to cook healthy, nutritious food that my mind and body love. In stressful times like the weeks before Christmas, when you're rushing from one appointment to another and rarely find the time to sit down, I find it more important than ever to make sure, you're feeding your body right. Cause how can you perform at your best when the foods you eat make you feel the worst?

I just recently discovered frozen veggies. I don't know why I never considered buying a package of frozen broccoli before but somehow I just missed hopping on that wagon. Yes, I know that was extremely silly of me because frozen veggies are now what some might call "life".

There is one dish I have been making quite regularly in the last few weeks: The Veggie Protein Bowl!

There are 4 main components to it and they are so easy and literally take 15 minutes to throw together!