The Only Raw Brownie Recipe You'll Ever Need

Hi guys, 

today I'm sharing a recipe with you that I've been partly making for years. It's my go-to raw brownie recipe. It's the only one you'll ever need. Once you've got this base, you can add anything into the brownies, starting with pumpkin spice over peppermint flavour, turning these into little bliss balls or cake pops, using it as a base for a raw cheesecake (check out my Nutella and Vanilla Mousse Slices), etc etc; the possibilities are endless! I hope I can inspire you today to get into the kitchen, whip up this super easy variation of the classic and get creative with what you have in your kitchen. 

I topped the base with a marble-topping made out of a raw-vegan chocolate buttercream and a homemade cookie butter (click here to get the recipe). 

In case you want to eat the buttercream by itself: DO IT. It's so good, I'd take a bath in it.

Winter Apple Pie Oats with Homemade Cookie Butter

Hey peeps, I'm back with another breakfast recipe (surprise, I might have to start calling me a breakfast blogger). This time, I'm presenting you an amazing flavour combination that made my mouth jiggle and my belly happy this afternoon. Wait, maybe this also counts as a lunch.

I want to tell you something: If I had to choose one 'naughty' food to eat for the rest of my life it probably would be cookie butter (or speculoos butter, however you say it) made out of these incredible delicious caramel cookies that I have been loving since the first time I tried them. So I once bought a bunch of these cookies to make a vegan 'freak' shake inspired by the lovely Naturally Stephanie and had quite a few left that were sitting in my kitchen just waiting to be transformed into cookie butter. The result was amaaaazing. Like really really good. And in combination with these Apple Pie Oats... I can't even.

Fall Morning Routine & My Favorite Superfood Açai Bowl

As the days get shorter, I also like to adapt my summer morning routine to a more calm & relaxed one; think candles, yoga and coffee.

My routine usually takes about 1-2 hours, depending on what I have for breakfast or how much time I had for my nights sleep. I know this seems like a lot (I know quite a few people who get up 30 min before leaving and rushing through everything as quick as possible) but taking this time for me in the morning has become very important. I like the feeling of having accomplished something before my "actual" day hasn't even started. It gives you the feeling of being completely in control of what you're doing. If that sounds stupid to you, try waking up 20 min earlier than you usually would this week and try it. Don't get me wrong, of course there are days when I stay in bed until the last minute and then brush my teeth while trying to do apply my mascara because I have no time, but usually, this is what I like to do instead:

My alarm goes off (I like to wake up to "More Than Ever People by Levitation") , like I mentioned earlier about 2 hours before I leave. I usually end up checking my phone right away (bad habit I know) and scroll through the messages and Instagram notifications I got during the night. Then I get up, make my bed and prep my espresso machine. While it is brewing, I take a shower and slip into some comfy clothes. I love wearing oversized t-shirts (in the summer) or sweaters (in the winter) with comfy socks.